David Jaffee might face criminal charges for Airbnb abuses

Notorious socialite stuffed 23 mattresses into a two-bedroom apartment
April 14, 2015 12:50PM

David Jaffee, a notorious nightclub socialite, is facing increased scrutiny over his business model of creating “dormitory”-style Airbnb rentals out of Manhattan apartments.

Sources told the New York Post that the city may be preparing to file criminal charges, though representatives from the city would not comment on a possible investigation. A spokesperson from the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement confirmed that Jaffee was evicted from three separate apartments over the past few months after the agency obtained search warrants for the spaces, which he was subletting daily.

Three landlords have sued Jaffee and Airbnb banned him from using the site after Gawker revealed that he had packed 23 mattresses into a two-bedroom apartment at 215 East 27th Street, including eight beds in each room and six more in the hallway.

Jaffee ignored the ban and created another listing for an apartment at 301 East 47th Street, before being sued by the landlord of that building in January of this year.

He then moved on to Bookings.com, where he listed a “four-bed dormitory” at 116 John Street. That landlord sued after receiving 12 complaints that the space was being used as an illegal hotel.

In January, the City Council held a lengthy hearing on the subject of Airbnb, but has yet to take decisive action on the issue. [NYP] — Tess Hofmann