The Real Deal New York

You think you know NYC? Do you? Take our quiz!

By Konrad Putzier | April 17, 2015 01:00PM

NYC neighborhoods quiz

Little Italy Coney Island

Sure, everyone knows Grand Central is in Midtown. But how well do you know New York’s other neighborhoods? Take our quiz to find out! Note: If you think Andrew Cuomo lives on Governor’s Island and that Jamaica is a four-hour flight away, this might be a tough one.

  • Sajh

    As of 1:15pm, quiz link does not work. Link is not correct.

    • TRDKB

      Sorry Sajh- something funky in the back end. The quiz button on the home page is now working. Thanks for giving us a heads up!

  • Rick Donnell

    aside from soho, real new yorkers who have been here for generations, don’t use those yuppie, idiotic acronyms for neighborhoods, invented by transient a-holes who think they’re new yorkers.

  • Seereous

    If I lived in the area of Crown Heights that realtors trying to upscale the place are calling “ProCro”I would utterly resent it. Resent it just as my long-time friends in Little Italy resent their neighborhood being called “NoLitA” or I, as someone in SoHo resents SoHo being represented suddenly as stretching to the Hudson River. “SoHo” grew out of the people living in the M1-5A and M1-5B districts south of Houston Street…a new neighborhood at the time the acronym was coined. At first, it even appeared in the Zoning Text, although that dropped out about 10 years ago…probably pushed by realtors who wanted to blur the lines and tell people buying property on Hudson Street that it was SoHo.