Alexander Rovt financed mailer attacking Assembly candidate

The new controversy further fuels fight over developer money in Albany

TRD New York /
May.May 04, 2015 01:00 PM

Billionaire real estate investor Alexander Rovt has been revealed as the bankroller of a controversial  mailer attacking Assembly candidate Geoffrey Davis.

The scandal is adding to criticisms about real estate money influencing Albany politics, Capital New York reported.

The flier, which was credited to the Independence Party, featured a photograph of a distressed woman and implored readers to tell Davis, a candidate for the newly created party Love Yourself, that domestic violence is never acceptable.

Davis has been convicted of soliciting a prostitute, and the woman serving as treasurer for Independence Party candidate Shirley Patterson took out an order of protection against him several years ago. He has been charged with domestic violence, but not convicted.

The Independence Party’s funding fell below zero before a recent $3,000 donation from Rovt, according to the website. Rovt is a Ukrainian-American fertilizer magnate who has invested large sums in New York real estate. He is currently trying to sell his Upper East Side townhouse for $21.5 million. [Capital NY] — Tess Hofmann


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