Eight-unit building returns as single-family mansion

The Park Slope townhouse is asking $11.8 million
May 16, 2015 04:00PM

An ornate eight-unit Park Slope building, locally known as the “Brooklyn Embassy,” has returned to the market as a single-family mansion.

The 15-room limestone home, located at 106 Eighth Avenue, is asking $11.8 million. The mansion got its nickname for its opulent style and for its former use as a venue for charitable fundraisers, according to the New York Daily News.

“My friends say it’s like walking into Radio City Music Hall,” owner Jim Hyder told the Daily News.

Former owners Jack Koven and carpenter John Farran spent roughly $250,000 and eight years restoring the property to its former glory. But a decade ago, Koven and Farran died, leaving the property to Hyder and two other relatives.

“I was kind of keeping it in his memory and I was happy doing it, but I’ve maintained it and loved it for long enough,” Hyder said. “Now, we hope a new family will come in and restore it back to a single-family home.” [NYDN]Christopher Cameron