“X-Men” may have robbed NYCHA

Employees repeatedly rented equipment using the pseudonym “X-Men”
May 16, 2015 12:00PM

The New York City Housing Authority is having a comic super-hero problem, with employees checking out thousands of dollars worth of equipment under the pseudonym “X-Men.”

Inventory controls were so lax at the Housing Authority that employees were repeatedly able to take valuable items from the warehouses using the name of the crime-fighting comic-book superheroes, an audit cited by the New York Post found.

Comptroller Scott Stringer’s auditors found that items valued at $84,000 were missing from a Bronx warehouse and 11 entire pallets worth $85,293 had disappeared from storage in Brooklyn. The missing items include sinks, a $1,000 intercom system and bathroom medicine cabinets.

“We definitely want to find out who ‘X-Men’ is,” Stringer said. [NYP]Christopher Cameron