Subway a “stomach-turning insult to millions of straphangers”: Stringer

The MTA only cleans 3 percent of subway stations properly
May 17, 2015 05:00PM

The New York subway is “unworthy of a world-class city,” New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer said in response to a recent audit of the MTA.

The audit investigated whether the MTA was following its internal policies regarding cleanliness – and no surprise, it wasn’t, according to Curbed.

Only 3 percent of NYC’s 276 subway stations were cleaned in accordance with the MTA’s own standards. And that negligence exposes “millions of commuters to track fires, train delays and rat infestations in hundreds of stations.”

“The MTA is constantly reminding riders to clean up after themselves, but they’re setting a poor example by letting piles of trash on the tracks fester for months on end,” Stringer said in a press release. “Our auditors observed rats scurrying over the tracks and onto subway platforms, and it’s almost as if they were walking upright—waiting to take the train to their next meal. This is a daily, stomach-turning insult to millions of straphangers, and it’s unworthy of a world-class City.”[Curbed] Christopher Cameron