Several Woolworth Building condos hit the market

Available units range from $4.6M to nearly $10M
May 19, 2015 01:27PM

Until now, sales of luxury condos in Alchemy Properties’ upper-floor conversion at the Woolworth Tower Residences were closed to the public. But on Tuesday, several units hit the building’s website.

Though the $110 million penthouse registered with the Attorney General’s office last year isn’t likely to be listed online, you can now view official floor plans for five units ranging from a $4.6 million three-bedroom to a $9.9 million three-bedroom, Curbed reported. See some of the illustrations below.

The developer’s conversion includes a total of 34 units, with the cheapest being a $3.9 million one-bedroom, according to the offering plan. [Curbed] — Tess Hofmann