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6 of the weirdest houses from around the world

By Business Insider | May 25, 2015 12:00PM

There’s no place like home. Particularly when home is built upside-down, made of shipping containers, or erected in the likeness of the Pyramids.

Some dwellings are more unique than others. From domes to caves, treehouses to igloos, people across the globe live in unconventional houses. Here are some of the strangest.

This house in Abuja, Nigeria, is partially built in the shape of an airplane. The house was built by Said Jammal for his wife, Liza, to commemorate her love for travel.

The homes in Socuellamos, central Spain, are all made from old wine vats. About 40 people, mostly ethnic Turks from Bulgaria who came to the vineyards of Socuellamos to pick grapes during the six-week annual harvest, live in this makeshift camp. At night, they sleep in 20 or so overturned wine vats, car-sized concrete barrels that were once discarded before finding a second life as shelter for the workers.

This impressive house in the village of Miziara pays tribute to the pyramids. The interiors have Egyptian-inspired decor, as well.

Four shipping containers make up this three-bedroom home in Sydney, Australia, which can be pulled apart for easy transportation. It was put on the market in 2005 for just $100,000 — a steal for a two-story mobile home that includes two bathrooms, timber floors, air-conditioning, a kitchen, laundry, and a balcony.

This house, built upside-down in Russia’s Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, was constructed as an attraction for local residents and tourists. The rooms inside are all upside-down as well.

Finally, Liu Lingchao, 38, carries his makeshift dwelling as he walks along a road in Liuzhou, China in 2013. Five years ago, Liu decided to walk back to his hometown Rongan county in Guangxi from Shenzhen, some 462 miles away, where he once worked as a migrant worker. With bamboo, plastic bags and bed sheets, Liu made himself a five feet wide, six and a half feet high “portable room,” weighing about 132 lb, to carry with him as he walked more than 12 miles a day.