Slovakian egg-capsule makes living off the grid look easy

The “Ecocapsule” is totally self-sustaining and portable

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May.May 31, 2015 04:00 PM

Housing just got way more portable.A Slovakian firm called Nice Architects has built a nice egg-shaped “Ecocapsule.” And since it runs entirely on solar and wind energy, it can be set up virtually anywhere.

The tiny home contains a 9,744-watt-hour battery, a 750-watt wind turbine and high-efficiency solar cells “that can support you for about a year in pretty much any location in the world, provided there is some sunlight,” acorinding to Quartz.

It also includes a rainwater collection and filtration system to make living off the grid even more convenient.

The simple interior includes a kitchenette with running water, a toilet, a shower, a bed and work space. Nice Architects claims that the 14.7-by-7.9-foot capsule “can comfortably fit two people.”


The price isn’t out yet, but shipping the capsule from Slovakia to NYC – for disaster relief or scientific research — would cost about $2,383, according to Quartz. [Quartz] – Christopher Cameron

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