Court rules in favor of Pierhouse development

A community group had sought to restrict the development’s height

TRD New York /
June 14, 2015 03:00 PM

A temporary restraining order has kept Toll Brothers City Living and Starwood Capital Group from moving forward with construction on a section of the Pierhouse. The court has now ruled in favor of the development.

“We Are Very Pleased With The Court’s decision and findings of fact that confirm the Pierhouse development complies with the height restrictions imposed on the project, which were adopted after years of extensive community review and input,” a spokesperson for Toll Brothers and Starwood said.

The developers were facing a lawsuit from the community group, Save the View Now, which claimed that Toll Brothers and Starwood went against 2005 agreements on height restrictions. It claimed that the current iteration of the plans will block views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the promenade.

“We’re gratified the court agrees that the Pier 1 development underwent an extensive, transparent design review process, maintains all protected views and complies with all height restrictions imposed on the project,” Brooklyn Bridge Park President Regina Myer said in a prepared statement. “Our ability to finish the Pier 1 project moves us closer to that self-sustaining goal, and to completing the transformation from derelict waterfront to vibrant open space enjoyed by millions.” – Christopher Cameron

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