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Stonewall Inn likely to be designated NYC landmark

Property already located inside Greenwich Village historic district
June 22, 2015 04:00PM

The Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the gay rights movement in New York City, will most likely become a landmark this week.

The commission is scheduled to decide the matter at a public meeting Tuesday night, according to the Wall Street Journal. If the Stonewall gets official historic status, it’d be the first time a property gets landmarked inside an already historic district, the newspaper reported. It’s located inside the historic district of Greenwich Village.

The Stonewall uprising occurred on June 28, 1969. If designated as a historical site, the Stonewall Inn wouldn’t be able to be altered or torn down.

“The agency has been working on this for some time,” Meenakshi Srinivasan, the commission’s chairwoman, told the Journal. “LGBT Pride Month is an ideal occasion to recommend this iconic cultural site and recognize its central significance in the American LGBT movement.” [WSJ] — Claire Moses