“Million Dollar Listing” Season 4 finale: That’s all folks. Or is it?

Luis achieves personal zen and Fredrik finds a godfather

Jul.July 02, 2015 04:35 PM

A pinch of drama, a dash of dealmaking and a shed tear or two created the perfect recipe for last night’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” finale. After finishing the final chapter on a series of deals, our three heroes showed us that real estate isn’t quite the be-all and end-all of their existence. There are babies to be had, marriages to be consummated and pictures to be hung, after all.

Here’s a look at where we leave our pals Fredrik, Ryan and Luis until Season 5, lest it not be renewed (the horror!). Until then, we’ll have the soothing howl of Jeff Lewis lambasting his “Flipping Out” team to hold us over.

Luis: After discovering Ryan is the only thing left in the way of his career-defining $25 million listing, Luis arranges a meeting to negotiate the final buyout of units 12E/F to create a full-floor, luxury apartment at 230 Central Park South. Though both brokers know the units are  worth just $1.5 million, Ryan begins the bidding at a whopping $10 million, which leads to a brusque bathroom break and a “Don’t touch me bro” from Luis. With just $3 million to spare from developer Ian Reisner, Luis arm wrestles his way down to $4 million after offering an additional $1 million premium on the pad. Miraculously, Ryan is able to reach his client from the Vault at Cipriani, but that’s another story. Unfortunately, it’s just too pricey for Reisner.

With limited wiggle room and the threat of Reisner resurrecting his “Ricky Ricardo” pet name, Luis organizes a “faux” open house to trick Ryan into thinking they’re moving on with or without the remaining units. With a new $18 million price tag and a cast of maybe/maybe not buyers, Ryan and Luis finally settle on a $3 million offer, because what homeowner wants to be walled in by not one but two skyscrapers when he or she can make out like a bandit anyway?

At the end of the episode, it appears Luis has finally achieved an inkling of personal zen. Run ragged by the hustle of New York City real estate, he hosts a dinner party, and (gasp!) finally gets around to hanging some family photos. Baby steps, Luis.

Ryan: If there’s anything to be learned from last night’s finale, it’s that Ryan fake-smiles more than the rest of us actually smile. For much of the episode, he dangles units 12E/F over the head of Luis. His kill-them-with-fake-kindness approach ultimately works, however, as he gets his buyer out of a would-be tomb with a 100 percent markup in price.

Ryan has some issues of his own to deal with, however, especially concerning the free-standing townhouse at 514 Broome Street. After his first confirmed buyer lands himself in jail, Ryan must find a buyer who’s on the right side of the law — at least for the duration of the closing period. He quickly finds out that it’s not just who you know, but who your client knows, too. He taps into Roger’s personal contact list, which is apparently 500 pages long. In the ultimate ha-ha moment, Ryan brings Roger an offer that’s $3 million under asking price. Then, Ryan turns around with a second, full-ask offer at $10 million. What a jokester.

As the finale winds down, we finally get the answer to a question that’s been looming over our heads for the past few episodes: Was Ryan’s 7:30 a.m. proposal to Emilia at the epicenter of New York City really for nothing? In a touching moment at a luxury furniture store, Emilia reveals that she’s turned down her promotion, which would have landed her in Geneva. And they lived happily ever after … until the next job offer.

Fredrik: What do you give you a developer who provides you with the renderings and showroom necessary to sell out half his building in a snap of the finger? A goddaughter!

In another tender moment on last night’s finale, Fredrik asks Zach Vella, developer of 290 West and personal friend, to be a godfather to Milla. Vella happily agrees, and viewers are treated to what appears to be a smile from the usually stoic developer. It seems like there are worse ways to celebrate 50 percent of a building being sold.

Fredrik honored real estate’s future royalty with another small gesture: During a romantic dinner involving an obligatory spread of rose petals and a harp player, Fredrik reveals to husband Derek that he’s purchased one of Vella’s waterfront abodes at 290 West. Now, Milla won’t have to settle for any old sunset from her crib.

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