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Urban Jungle: LLNYC reviews “Primates of Park Ave”

A tame read of ground already covered
By Isabel Schwab | July 11, 2015 04:00PM

From Luxury Listings NYC: In the 2004 classic film, “Mean Girls,” Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady enrolls at a new high school where she has no friends and doesn’t understand the local culture. Her parents are anthropologists so she uses what she’s learned from them to watch those around her, masking her loneliness with observations about teens and their bizarre practices. Until, of course, she becomes one of them.

Wednesday Martin, the author of the much-discussed memoir “Primates of Park Avenue¸” follows almost the exact same pattern, chronicling with anthropological language her move from the West Village to the Upper East Side and the special breed of mommies she encounters there. In the beginning, she faces culture shock (which in itself is ridiculous; it’s not as if the West Village, home of some of the wealthiest people in the city, is a normal place) and then slowly but surely “goes native” and starts adopting the behavior of her subjects. [more]