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See what your favorite MLB All-Star could afford in NYC

CityRealty infographic shows how far an MLB salary takes you in Manhattan
July 13, 2015 05:35PM

It’s no secret that professional baseball players are among the most handsomely paid in sports – just ask the Yankees how they feel about CC Sabathia’s contract.

With the MLB All-Star Game taking place in Cincinnati tomorrow, CityRealty created an infographic detailing how the salaries of the highest-paid players translate to the real estate market.

So while Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zach Greinke’s $25 million annual salary puts him among baseball’s top earners, Greinke would have to shell out most of that money if he wanted to buy the 37th-floor penthouse unit at Zeckendorf Development’s 50 United Nations Plaza – valued at just under $24.3 million.

Detroit Tigers pitcher David Price, meanwhile, would see most of his $19.8 million in annual salary sunk into an $18.9 million apartment on the 77th-floor of Silverstein Properties’ 30 Park Place. The Tigers’ ace might well be better off buying 314 homes in Detroit, where the average property is valued at a paltry $63,000.

You can find CityRealty’s infographic here. – Rey Mashayekhi