Chelsea landlord trying to boot smelly pet hotel

Luxury animal spa has suites for up to $200 a night
July 17, 2015 12:50PM

A luxury hotel for pets with discerning taste is facing the embarrassing prospect of eviction due to an allegedly unbearable stench — and has filed a lawsuit in hopes of stopping it.

The owners of 104 West 27th Street, Marvin and Milton Davis, are trying to boot D Pet Hotel from its digs because the facility emits a stench due to the “housing, maintenance and care of dogs and other pets,” according to a June letter from the building owners.

The hotel has overnight rates ranging from $79 for a standard suite to $200 for “uber suites” that feature 19 foot ceilings and large-screen televisions. Extras include hot oil treatments and gourmet meals like brown rice and lamb.

In court papers, the hotel owner, Chris Skowlund, assured that he “adheres to a robust daily cleaning protocol” and installed a ventilation system pursuant to the landlord’s request, the New York Post reported.

Marvin Davis told the newspaper that he was not trying to kick out D Pet Hotel.

A lawyer for Skowlund said that the building owners refused to renew the certificate of occupancy because the landlords have outstanding violations related to work on the building and an unfiled energy report. [NYP] — Tess Hofmann