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Late landlord’s daughters to be rewarded for marriage, babies born in wedlock

Daughters of Maurice Laboz were left $10M apiece
July 27, 2015 12:45PM

With great wealth comes great responsibility — and sometimes, great power-tripping.

The deceased Manhattan landlord Maurice Laboz, who controlled Regal Real Estate, indulged in the latter with a will that requires his two daughters to cash in only if they make specific life choices.

Laboz died earlier this year at 77 and left a fortune of $37 million, the New York Post reported. His two daughters, Marlena, 21, and Victoria, 17, will each inherit $10 million when they turn 35.

However, to increase their payout before that age, they can aim for certain milestones.

Marlena will receive a payout of $500,000 for getting married, but only if her husband signs a prenuptial agreement not to seek a cut of the dough. She will also get $750,000 for graduating from an “accredited university” if she completes a 100-word essay explaining her intentions with the money.

If either daughter has children and decides not to work outside the home, she will receive a cut of her inheritance yearly — with the caveat that the child must be born in wedlock.

The daughters were also given an incentive to become high-wage earners themselves as early as possible. Each daughter will be eligible to receive three times her yearly income.

Laboz’s wife, Ewa, who he was in the process of divorcing, received nothing in the will. However, Marlena and Victoria would get bonuses for acting as her caregiver. [NYP] — Tess Hofmann