Lawmakers urge Cuomo to enforce new rent regulations

Democrats aim for 35,000 decontrolled apartments instead of 100,000
July 28, 2015 09:40AM

More than a dozen lawmakers are urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to enforce the new rent regulation law, a move they say would drastically reduce the number of apartments subject to vacancy decontrol.

The coalition of assemblymen say that if the law is enforced as demanded, only 35,000 apartments will be removed from rent regulation this year, instead of 100,000 under the old rules, the New York Daily News reported.

Under the old laws, a landlord could list a formerly rent-controlled apartment at market rate if the monthly rent under regulation rose above $2,500, even if that rate was only achieved after a rent controlled tenant moved out.

Lawmakers say the new rules demand that landlords wait until the tenant in the unit is actually paying the threshold rate, now raised to $2,700 a month.

Rent Stabilzation Association director Frank Ricci said the lawmakers were trying to exploit a “drafting mistake” in the new law.

A state housing division spokeswoman said the agency will review the law and enforce it fully. [NYDN] – Ariel Stulberg