Woman accused of rent-control con attracts more controversy

The same woman who was adopted at 63 to score a $100-a-month apartment is now renting the home on Airbnb
August 02, 2015 09:59AM

A women accused of getting herself adopted by a dying man to score his $100-a-month rent-controlled apartment in Long Island City is now ruffling even more feathers after renting the two-bedroom out on Airbnb.

“She can’t rent rooms. This is not a rooming house,” Sugrim Outar, the landlord who hopes to evict the woman, told the Post.

The state ruled in 2013 that Maria DeTommaso was not entitled to the rent-controlled apartment of the late Nicholas DeTommaso, who died in 2009. But she has refused to leave.

She is charging $55 a night for a room in the apartment on Airbnb. The apartment has 100 reviews from visitors.

DeTommaso has paid $600 in rent since 2009. Outar claims he is owed $100,000.

“It’s my personal business,” DeTommaso told the Post when asked about renting the apartment on Airbnb. “He doesn’t consider me his tenant. When I have a lease, I will abide by whatever law is necessary.” [NYP]Christopher Cameron