Queens house thieves broke in and demanded the deed

The men claimed to be from the bank that owned the mortgage
August 09, 2015 01:00PM

It’s “a truly bizarre case,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said, after a trio of thieves allegedly broke into a house in Queens, changed the locks and demanded that the owner sign over the property to them.

The three suspects “are accused of breaking into a Queens residence and locking the true owners out, then forcing them to negotiate with the defendants if they wanted to gain access to their own home,” the DA told the New York Daily News. Now, the three men accused of the crime — Brandon Sestoso, his brother Chas (Charles) Sestoso and Jesse Kusinow – face jail time of up to 15 years.

The men allegedly told the Jamaica Estates home’s owner, Anita Chan, they were working with the bank that held the mortgage and that she need to sign some papers. Her husband, who was away in China at the time, emailed documents, including a deed transfer.

Chan soon discovered that her house had been cleaned out of valuables and important paperwork.

On his LinkedIn page, Sestoso identifies himself as a managing partner at Global Reliance Partners LLC and vice president of PMG Capital, according to the Daily News. The company confirmed that he was fired a year ago. [NYDN]Christopher Cameron