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At the Desk of: Sherwin Belkin

The legal eagle on the latest rent-regulation law, wind-up toys and his "Napoleon Dynamite" habit
By Claire Moses | August 14, 2015 01:50PM

From the August issue: Sherwin Belkin, one of the founding partners of the Manhattan-based law firm Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, is one of the city’s foremost real estate attorneys and an expert on rent regulation issues. He has represented landlords in rent-regulation disputes for almost three decades and handled thousands of cases. And it hasn’t gotten easier over time. The new rent law, enacted in June, is “the most dense, the most confusing” of any version of the legislation, he said. Belkin — a lifelong New Yorker who went to Brooklyn College and Brooklyn Law School — co-founded his current firm 26 years ago, with the three other named partners. The firm now employees a total of 100 people, including 48 attorneys. In addition to rent regulation disputes, Belkin also advises owners on assemblage deals. [more]