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Business shut down by EV blast reopens

The 73-year-old B&H Dairy is back in business
August 15, 2015 03:00PM

B&H Dairy, one of New York’s oldest kosher eateries, reopened yesterday in the East Village. It was shut down four months ago when a deadly gas explosion destroyed the buildings just three doors down.

“I told the guy from Con Ed, ‘You are like Santa Claus,’” co-owner Ola Abdelwahed told the New York Post after the utility company finally turnned on their gas again. “I told them, ‘You give me the best present.’ It’s the first time I can sleep, I can breathe.”

The March 26 explosion killed a busboy and a customer at a sushi restaurant and destroyed three five-story buildings. It also shut down the 73-year-old B&H Dairy at 127 2nd Avenue. [NYP]Christopher Cameron