How prices in your NYC neighborhood stack up — literally

Tribeca stands the tallest, at $2,680 per sf
August 17, 2015 08:00AM

Numbers are great for understanding price levels in the city, but seeing is believing.
A new 3D map from NeighborhoodX renders each neighborhood’s price-per-square-foot as a vertical height, with the most expensive neighborhoods standing tallest.

The top neighborhoods are a not-too-surprising who’s who of Manhattan’s most desirable submarkets: Tribeca, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, 57th Street in Midtown, the so-called Billionaires’ Row, along with the West Village and Gramercy.

The Manhattan-adjacent parts of Brooklyn and Queens — Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Long Island City — also make strong showings, as does Park Slope and the neighborhoods around it.

The one clear break in the pattern is Ocean Parkway in Gravesend, the most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn. On the map it appears as a towering yellow spike deep in the borough, far from the main hotspots. The secret is Ocean Parkway is the home of the SYs, the community of Syrian Jewish retail and property moguls. Jeff Sutton, Joseph Sitt, Joseph Cayre and the rest all make their homes in Ocean Parkway.

Not pictured is the SYs equally-stacked property holdings in the town of Deal, NJ, where much of the community spends the summers. [NeighborhoodX]Ariel Stulberg