WTC complex’s river wall is leaking: report

A breach in the structure would be extremely expensive to fix
August 25, 2015 12:25PM

Workers at the World Trade Center site heard running water behind an underground wall, prompting fears that the complex’s slurry wall, which keeps the Hudson River from flooding the area, has sprung a leak.The Port Authority called in engineers to help diagnose the problem. If the slurry wall has indeed been breached, repairs could be extremely expensive and could delay the opening of much of the remaining commercial space at the complex, planned for next summer, DNAinfo reported, citing a source with knowledge of the possible leak.

The slurry wall, installed in 1960 when the original World Trade Center was built, is 3,200 feet long, 4 feet thick and about 100 feet deep.

A spokesperson for the Port Authority told DNAinfo there had been no reports of a leak or any other problem with the slurry wall. [DNAinfo]Ariel Stulberg