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What’s trending on LLNYC: Nicole Miller to host Sotheby’s event, yachting gives billioniares an appetite…& more

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August 27, 2015 01:00PM

1.  Food will meet art at Sotheby’s this fall. Upcoming LLNYC cover star, Nicole Miller, is co-hosting “The Art of Food,” where Upper East Side chefs prepare art-inspired avant-garde meals. Be there.

2. Forty-year-olds, who never got over their sweet 16, are dropping six figures on embarrassing parties. Luckily Bravo is there to capture all the cringe-inducing excess.

3. Billionaires gathered in Australia to race yachts, and consume 106,000 beers, six tons of beef, 3,000 sausage rolls, 3,000 bottles of mostly vintage champagne, 12,000 boxes of strawberries, a small volcano of in-season Tasmanian truffles and … one apple.