Forest City Ratner’s B2 had “significant water damage” in 2014

New documents reveal the rumors about Pacific Park project were true
September 04, 2015 09:36AM

Modular construction might be the wave of the future, but all the kinks have clearly yet to be worked out.

Forest City Ratner’s modular tower at Pacific Park, known at “B2 BKLYN,” suffered “significant water damage” when rain flooded the building back in 2014, according to new documents revealed by a FOIL request, City Limits reported.

The issue of leaks at the building was first broached in September of that year in a letter from Forest City’s former partner on the project, Skanka, that was part of a series of lawsuits the two firm filed against one another.

B2 BKLYN was meant to employ a cutting-edge construction scheme, using 930 steel mods built off-site and then assembled at Pacific Park. The process, started in 2014, was plagued with delays. The partnership between Forest City and Skanksa on the project eventually broke down, leading to further delays.

Forest City ultimately bought Skanska out of the partnership. It has also had a difficult time convincing Chinese ally Greenland Group that modular construction is the way to go.

The building, at 32 stories containing 363 apartments, was initially projected to cost $155 million. In a filing with the SEC, Forest City said the number could rise to $265 million. The B2 is scheduled to be completed sometime next year.  [City Limits]Ariel Stulberg