HAP’s project in Washington Heights is too tall: residents

Firm meeting opposition in effort to construct 16-story residential building
September 04, 2015 08:32AM

Washington Heights residents spoke out against HAP Investment Developers’ “HAP Seven NY” project at a community board meeting Wednesday, citing the building’s height and the lack of community benefits offered by the developer.

HAP filed plans last week to construct a 16-story, 241-unit residential building at 4452 Broadway, a change from the company’s original seven-story plan for the site. A representative for HAP at the meeting said that it increased the size of the planned structure in order to cover the cost of building on the irregular site, which is constructed into the side of a hill and includes a subway entrance, DNAinfo reported.

Residents expressed skepticism towards HAP’s claims the planned building would be unobtrusive.

“I understand that there’s a need to make a profit, but this is a big building,” said Gabriel Floriman, 22, an architecture student. “If you went to Overlook Terrace and looked out, you’d see that building sticking out like a sore thumb.”

They also chided HAP for not offering inducements like affordable housing or park upgrades.

“I just want to hear an answer to this question: What’s in it for the community?” asked Yuderka Valdez, a local resident. [DNAinfo] – Ariel Stulberg