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Indiana Jen

A passion for abandoned spaces leads to New York Fashion Week’s holy grail
By Christopher Cameron | September 13, 2015 10:00AM

From Luxury Listings NYC: It’s like being an “urban Indiana Jones,” Jennifer Blumin recounts, barefoot and recumbent on the daybed in her Tribeca loft. “I go into these disgusting, forgotten, covered-in-dust spaces — places where no one has been in decades. But that’s where you find the coolest stuff.”

Curious and unafraid to get her hands dirty, Blumin, 38, founded Skylight Group, a company that adapts neglected historic buildings for one-off, high-end events. While she doesn’t own the buildings she operates in, she also doesn’t pay rent on the spaces, dividing the proceeds with landlords who benefit from the buzz she creates. [more]