When does Trump settle?: VIDEO

A look at a failed development where Trump decided to give up the fight
October 10, 2015 12:00PM

In a recent speech, Donald Trump talked lawsuits, saying he likes to take them all the way. “If you settle suits, you get sued more,” he said. But, of course, Trump has settled lawsuits in the past – perhaps most notably at a failed Baja development.

Trump owns roughly 60 percent of the 62 buildings that bear his name, according to CBS News. And the Trump name has led buyers to over-estimate the safety of certain investments where Trump was not the developer, leading to lawsuits.

In 2007, roughly 200 people decided that a development planned for Baja, Mexico, would be a safe bet, partially because it was branded with the Trump name. In a promotional video Trump said:

“I’m very, very proud of the fact that when I build, I have investors that follow me all over. They invest in me, they invest in what I build, and that’s why I’m so excited about Trump Ocean Resort.”

But Trump was not the developer, he had simply licensed his name for $500,000, according to CBS News. The development went under, and buyers sued, saying they thought Trump was behind the project.

“Is one of the things that you learned through this process is the Trump name brings stability and/or viability to the project?” Trump Jr. was asked at a deposition. “I don’t know if it brings stability or viability, but I imagine certain people feel that,” he responded.

Trump ultimately settled with buyers, as he did in similar cases in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

[CBS News]Christopher Cameron