A Bronx intersection becomes a test for the rest of the city: VIDEO

The intersection of Fordham Road and Webster Avenue is seeing new life
October 11, 2015 12:00PM

The intersection of Fordham Road and Webster Avenue in the Bronx has been called “the worst intersection in New York” by New York Magazine. And in 2008, the Department of Transportation identified it as the city’s most dangerous intersection for pedestrians. Now, it has become the focus of efforts to improve public transport and relieve congestion that could be used throughout NYC.

About 80,000 people compete with traffic to cross the intersection of Fordham Road and Webster Avenue every day, according to Streets Blog. So, GOOD Magazine took a look at what the city is doing to improve conditions.

The video makes the case for dedicated bus lanes for Select Bus Service. It also highlights improvements for pedestrian, showing how a series of different projects could transform the area.

Thus far, the area has received countdown clocks and retimed signals to pedestrian refuge islands. A “slip lane” on the intersection’s northeast corner, which allows drivers to make high-speed turns, was replaced also with additional pedestrian space, according to Streets Blog.

And Now The City Is Rebuilding Fordham Plaza, a bus hub and outdoor market above the train station, which should further revitalize the area.

[Streets Blog]Christopher Cameron