A hutong house gets a commercial makeover for Beijing Design Week

ReMIX Studio created a contemporary metal mezzanine for this year’s entry
October 24, 2015 11:00AM

Beijing Design Week 2015 has come and gone. But now, it’s possible to take a look inside one of this year’s standout projects: ReMIX Studio’s conversion of an old hutong house into a sleek steel office space.

“The new spatial layout allows a much richer interaction between the different functional areas, creating new visual connections between different levels and across the volumes,” the studio writes of the large steel mezzanine it installed in the old hutong-style home.

The renovation is actually a part of a series of [WORD MISSING??] ReMIX has created in Beijing’s Dashilar neighborhood – located south of Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, according Dezeen. Check out the photos below.

[Dezeen]Christopher Cameron