“Whisper listings” website looking to challenge StreetEasy

HomeCanvasr's new domain, NotOnStreetEasy.com, offers alternative off-market listings
October 26, 2015 01:00PM

With a crop of hushed “off-market” listings not found on StreetEasy, real estate search platform HomeCanvasr recently launched a new domain name fitting called NotOnStreetEasy.com.

The website has roughly 90 properties currently listed for sale that you won’t find on its behemoth rival. In a hyper-competitive housing market plagued by low inventory, the new domain offers a secret stash of properties – often called “whisper listings” that are on sale but not listed.

Behind the story:


The properties on NotOnStreetEasy are off-market because sellers may not want their addresses publicized. That helps prospective buyers find an alternative to StreetEasy listings, which while hugely popular are immediately seen by hundreds of house hunters and often snatched up immediately, according to DNAinfo.

Some are also pre-market listings from brokers while others are estate sales, foreclosures or for sale by the owners. HomeCanvasr’s listings are mostly in Brooklyn, with several in Harlem. They average between $1.5 million to $2 million, with homes having gone as low as $750,000 and as high as $5 million.

StreetEasy doesn’t seem too threatened by its new rival, however. “Anyone shopping for a home in New York City knows StreetEasy is the definitive source for listings,” a StreetEasy spokesperson said. [DNAinfo]Rey Mashayekhi