Haunted listings: This startup tracks homes of confirmed deaths, murders

Website has a database of 4.5 million locations
October 27, 2015 05:48PM

A South Carolina startup unearths murder mysteries that may lurk inside your house.

DiedInHouse, a website launched by Roy Condrey, mines obituaries, news reports and other tools to determine if someone has died at a particular address and, the cause. Since its launch two years ago, the website has compiled a database of 4.5 million houses that were the sites of confirmed deaths, Bloomberg reported.

The website is billed as a tool for the savvy real estate buyer, who may not otherwise realize that their prospective new home has a violent history. States have varying laws on what sellers are required to disclose, meaning that some potentially stigmatizing factors — like murders or even rumored paranormal activity — aren’t brought up before closing. Each report — which costs $11.99 for a single address — also offers up reports of past meth activity or fires at a property.

Of course, the reports also help people actively seeking out homes with dark histories. Dave Schrader, a paranormal investigator, told Bloomberg that he uses the website to find locations for the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures.” [Bloomberg] — Kathryn Brenzel