Slender grace in Long Island City

FXFOWLE’s Purves Street project brings elegant addition to fast-growing neighborhood
By James Gardner | October 29, 2015 09:32AM

From the October issue: The architectural firm of FXFOWLE is never exactly revolutionary in its aesthetic inventions, but it nevertheless usually succeeds in coming up with thoughtful and arresting forms that add something to the urban fabric of the city.

A case in point is the 35-story luxury rental at 44-28 Purves Street in Long Island City, being developed by Brause Realty and the Gotham Organization.

The entire building is punctiliously right-angled, without so much as the intimation of a curve or inflection across its entire surface, and surely with none of the deconstructivist mayhem favored by so many projects in the five boroughs over the last few years. [more]