An appetite for luxury

LLNYC chooses the best apps for travel, lifestyle and fashion
By Isabel Schwab | November 09, 2015 10:00AM

Your iPhone is an amazing device, but it can also be a very confusing one. Why are there three lightning emojis? Which filter on your camera makes you look thinner? And, of course, which apps should you have?

This last question can take up a lot of your time as well as a lot of your phone’s storage. Many apps are basically glorified versions of a website — customizing a site’s content so you can browse more easily on smartphone, without really adding much value.

To help you separate the mediocre from the divine, LLNYC presents you with our list of the very best luxury apps that you can download right now. While there is no quantitative way to rank these apps, we looked for ones that would both improve your life and actually use the capabilities of your phone in a clever and effective way. We were especially tickled by Bentley’s app, Inspirator, which reads your facial expressions as you watch a series of videos and uses your reactions to suggest which color car you should buy.

In addition, the apps we selected are convenient and easy-to-use, without sacrificing the high level of service that you expect. In fact, they just make it simpler for you to do the things you already do (or want to do), like choose an outfit for your party or book a helicopter ride to the Hamptons.

So load these puppies on your phone, grab your date from the League and start living your best mobile–enhanced life.

Going somewhere

Blade | Hate getting stuck in traffic on the way to the Hamptons? Blade lets you book helicopter rides quickly and easily to your favorite weekend destinations. Regular flights go out to the Hamptons and Nantucket but can also be chartered to any New York-area heliport.

JetSmarter | Sure it’s nice to take a private jet, but until JetSmarter, booking that ride actually required you to talk to human beings. Now, you can book a private flight anywhere in the world with just a couple of taps. And if that’s not enough for you, Jay Z is an investor.

Y.Co. | When cruising on your friend’s boat isn’t satisfying anymore, it’s time to turn to Y.Co. The company is the premier service for chartering or buying a yacht. On the app, you can browse information and photos of available yachts and contact brokers if you find the one for you.

Living large

The League | If you’re a high-achieving specimen looking to meet your match, The League is here to help. Not just anyone can join this dating app, which claims to cater to busy and ambitious singles looking for partners who are worth their time.

Velocity | Dining out in the best restaurants — and making it to the show or club or whatever the night holds — just became a lot easier. Instead of idly waiting for your check to arrive, Velocity lets you pay instantly on your phone. And the more you use it, the more benefits you accrue, which allows you to score in-demand reservations at the last minute.

Priv | Headed to an important meeting but forgot to get a manicure this week? Never fear, Priv is here. The app allows you to book a whole range of beauty routines and spa services (everything from a spray tan to a private kickboxing class) that will come to wherever you are.

Inspirator | If you’re buying a $225,000 car, you better make sure you get it in the right color. Bentley’s new app Inspirator reads your facial cues as you watch a series of videos and based on your responses to different stimuli (i.e., a slice of chocolate cake), chooses the right color for your new Bentayga.

What to wear

Garde Robe | Now that the gala’s over, you need a place to store that Chanel dress. Garde Robe is a high-end clothing management company that takes exquisite care of valuable pieces. Use the app to view your “Cyber Closet,” or a digital look book of every item you’re storing, and create virtual outfits.

Moda Operandi | Take impulse shopping to the next level. Moda Operandi lets you pre-order that to-die-for Altuzarra fur an hour after it appears on the runway. Or if you’re too impatient to wait, you can also order a curated selection of items from this season.

Net Set | How do you know if you really look good in your new J Brand jeans or if it’s just a skinny mirror? Ask a friend. Or better yet, ask your social media network on the Net Set, Net-a-Porter’s new app where users “admire” each others’ stylish snaps and provide input on shopping decisions.