A look inside San Francisco’s priciest listing

The 9,052-square-foot mansion is asking $28 million
November 22, 2015 04:00PM

People love to moan about how San Francisco asking rents have outpaced NYC’s. However, it seems home sales prices have yet to catch up in the Golden Gate City where the priciest home on the market is just $28 million. Still, you get a lot for the money.

The listing, located at 2250 Vallejo Street, clocks in at a whopping 9,052 square feet (good luck finding something that big at that price in NYC). Broker Neal Ward, who set a record when he sold Belvedere’s Locksley Hall for $47.5 million, is marketing the property.

So what else do you get besides space? Well, the home has five levels, five bedroom suites, three powder rooms, a three-car garage, two guest bedrooms, a media room and bay views. Oh yeah, and a lawn, according to Curbed.

Check out the images below.

[Curbed] Christopher Cameron