At the Desk of: Hall Willkie

The Brown Harris Stevens chief on life as a hay farmer, on not being able to ‘afford’ a sandwich and on keeping a stash of ties for his brokers
By Adam Warner | November 23, 2015 09:19AM

From the November issue: When he is mowing hay at his 70-acre farm in Bovina, New York, Hall Willkie doesn’t look much like the president of a high-end real estate brokerage. Still, this exec prefers to retreat each weekend to the Catskills’ grassy western slopes.

“People always ask me, ‘How can you leave that beautiful farm?’” Willkie said. “I say, ‘If I didn’t go back, I wouldn’t have it.’” So on Sunday nights, he climbs into his Audi A7, cranks up SiriusXM Love and drives the 150 miles back to his East 72nd Street co-op. “Every time I hit the George Washington Bridge and look south and see that city at night, I’m in love again.” [more]