Manhattan Borough Board votes against de Blasio rezonings

Advisory group joins Queens and Bronx counterparts in opposition
December 01, 2015 10:52AM

It seems like no one’s pleased with hizzoner’s zoning and affordable housing policies.

The Manhattan Borough Board, an advisory group composed of City Council members and community board representatives, voted unanimously against two of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature rezoning proposals Monday.Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, speaking for the board, praised the plans’ goals, but said “there are too many concerns that remain unaddressed,” Crain’s reported.

The mayor’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing initiative would require developers to build affordable housing if their projects benefit from city rezonings. And his Zoning for Equality and Affordability plan would allow architects more leeway in designing the shapes of new buildings, while maintaining square footage limits.

“It’s a whole new approach and, of course, there’ll be doubting Thomases at first,” de Blasio told Crain’s. “But I think over time, we’ll be able to show people it works.”

The board followed the Bronx and Queens borough boards in rejecting the proposals. Brooklyn will vote Thursday. [Crain’s]Ariel Stulberg