Landlords refusing “voucher” tenants: Stringer

Craiglist ads explicitly discriminate against renters on public assistance
December 03, 2015 08:00AM

City landlords are openly refusing to consider potential tenants on public assistance, even posting “no voucher need apply” ads on Craigslist, city Controller Scott Stringer charged this week.

Ads posted on the site displayed stipulations such as “NO VOUCHERS,” for a two-bedroom unit in East Flatbush, and “Sorry NO Public Assistance” for a one-bedroom in Pelham bay.

Landlords are forbidden by a 2008 law from discriminating against potential renters based on their “lawful source of income.” In his statement, Stringer said the city’s Commission on Human Rights should actively pursue landlords who flout the law, the New York Daily News reported.

Back in September, two rejected applicants sued Grenadier Realty, which manages Spring Creek Towers, also known as Starrett City, in East New York, accusing the property manager of discrimination on the same basis. [NYDN]Ariel Stulberg