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Staten Island borough prez suggests “greedy” names for Mount Manresa streets

Developer Savo argues that the names are vindictive
December 18, 2015 05:30PM

Staten Island Borough President James Oddo is doing a little rebranding at Mount Manresa.

Namely, he’s trying to stick it to the Savo Brothers.

Oddo is seeking to name the streets at the planned Mount Manresa development using various synonyms for “greed” and “deception,” a-not-so subtle shot at Savo following bitter controversy over the project, DNAinfo reported. Savo started tearing down the 103-year-old Mount Manresa Jesuit retreat house earlier this year to make way for 250 residential units. Oddo is charged with naming the streets of the development, a task he initially tried to delay until claims that workers lied about asbestos at the site were investigated.

Savo claims that Oddo’s name suggestions — Cupidity Drive, Avidity Place and Fourberie Lane — are vindictive, but Oddo argues that the developer’s counter suggestions, like Timber Lane, are insensitive to community members who were angered that several 400-year-old trees were cut down to make way for the development.

Savo filed a complaint against Oddo in State Supreme Court in Richmond County Over The Suggested Street names.  During a hearing on Thursday, Justice Philip Minardo said most people in the Staten Island community will probably have no idea what cupidity means. He will issue a written ruling at a later date. [DNAinfo]Kathryn Brenzel