Lesbian couple files discrimination lawsuit against BK hotel

The Sleep Inn, located in Sunset Park, accused of anti-gay behavior
December 28, 2015 03:51PM

A Staten Island lesbian couple claims they were prevented from getting a room at a Brooklyn hotel because of their sexual orientation.

In a lawsuit filed Dec. 17 in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Loren Parisella and Elizabeth Prestano allege the Sleep Inn lied about being fully booked to prevent them from claiming a room.

“Upon entering the hotel and stepping into the lobby, the staff of the hotel glared at the plaintiffs with a look of repugnance and disgust,” they allege in court papers.

After Parisella and Prestano left, they called the hotel to inquire about a room. They claim staff told them a room was still available that night. The couple confronted the staff but received hostility in return, they allege.

The state Division of Human Rights found probable cause to believe the staff engaged in discriminatory practices, the lawsuit says. [DNAinfo]James Kleimann