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Donald Trump and the age of excess: VIDEO

Learn about the '80s luxury boom in the second part of TRD-produced docu series
By Alistair Gardiner | January 06, 2016 03:10PM

The 1980s saw a period of recovery after a financial meltdown. An era of luxury and affluence arrived and the hottest new product on which to splash out was the luxury condominium. Enter Trump, and the rest is history.

Watch the second part of the six-part mini-doc on Kondylis and Trump’s collaboration above, and look out for part three tomorrow, which looks at the Trump International Hotel and Tower — a building that brought Trump and Kondylis back together. Go back and watch part one here. For more videos, visit The Real Deal‘s YouTube channel. See the full feature length documentary, Building Stories, here. The film has aired on PBS affiliate WNET.

Video produced by Amir Korangy and Toni Comas.