The Real Deal New York

The future of NYC real estate

Kinetic buildings and 2,000-foot skyscrapers are just around the corner
By Kathryn Brenzel | January 06, 2016 09:10AM

From the January issue: The Hudson Yards Culture Shed, a yet-to-be-built arts and performance space at 10 Hudson Yards, just might wind up being the Batmobile of buildings. Dormant, it’s a glassy fortress. Animated, it will be able to extend its wings so-to-speak by sliding out a retractable exterior as a canopy.

The design is a window into the future of New York City construction — and the role technology will play. This isn’t to say that a fleet of moving buildings will invade New York anytime soon, but the projects of the future will be smarter, more adaptive and, of course, more awe-inspiring. [more]