Luxe Life from the January/February 2016 issue of Luxury Listings NYC

For your New Year’s resolution to …
By Isabel Schwab | January 08, 2016 12:00PM

  1. Watching boxing on pay-per-view won’t make you buff. Book a class at Shadowbox, a new boxing studio in the Flatiron District, and start training to build up muscles and improve your agility. And for a bonus: You can work out all your aggression toward your boss on a punching bag. $34 for one 45-minute class; from
  2. Sometimes the only thing keeping you from reaching your goal is a lack of incentive. That’s where Good Luck Box comes in, a box you can order for yourself (or a friend). It’s full of goodies like pasta for carb-loading and tea for a good night’s rest before the big race. $40; from
  3. Why not start by letting someone else treat you well first? At the Art of You, a private fitness retreat in Costa Rica, you are the only client of celebrity trainer Terri Walsh, and the customized attention aims to make you feel ready to take on any challenge in your life. $15,000 for an eight-day trip; from
  4. Too timid to speak up in meetings? Check out the advice of Amy Cuddy, an associate professor at Harvard Business School whose Ted Talk on body language is the second-most viewed on the site. In her latest book, “Presence,” Cuddy teaches you how to harness your inner power everyday. $28; from
  5. Do you spend every January through March with a tissue in one hand and cough syrup in the other? Take a visit to Breathe Easy, a spa in Midtown that offers dry salt therapy using Himalayan salt, which is said to improve air quality and promote well-being. Simply breathe in the Himalayan salt-lined room during a 25-minute session. Your lungs and sinuses will thank you. $35 for one session; from
  6. While your FitBit may provide you with an amazing amount of information about your daily habits, it’s not exactly the most stylish item in your wardrobe. That’s where this bracelet from Tory Burch comes in. It slides right over your FitBit, making it look like just another bangle. $195; from
  7. Stop dreading your weekly trip to SoulCycle and start enjoying the ride. The Elliptigo is a new elliptical bike that makes it fun — and even better — more comfortable to enjoy long bike trips. And as an added bonus, it helps you burn 33 percent more calories than a regular bike. Prices start at $1,299; from
  8. The polar vortex can be difficult to bear — even when you’re inside. There’s nothing like a little cashmere to warm your bones when you have a chill, and this cashmere throw from North Fork Apparel is perfect for snuggling next to the fire or throwing on top of your yoga outfit after class. $399; from
  9. What better way to make you feel like a million bucks than to wash your face with 24k gold? That’s the not-so-secret ingredient in this cleansing butter from Peter Thomas Roth, which is designed especially for dry and sensitive skin and also features honey and chamomile butter. $55; from
  10. Too rushed in the morning to put together three nutritious meals? Leave behind your blah yogurt and sign up for Sakara, an organic food service beloved by the wellness goddess herself, Gwyneth Paltrow. The service will deliver two or three balanced, fresh meals directly to your door every morning, giving you one less thing to worry about. $990 for 20 days; from