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A look at the most diverse neighborhoods in NYC: MAP

In 2011, 47.8 percent of Queens residents were foreign-born
February 06, 2016 04:00PM

They don’t call NYC a melting pot for nothing. According to a 2010-2014 American Community Survey, 37 percent of New York City residents come from another country. Now, the NYU Furman Center has released a map visualizing where those foreign-born New Yorkers live throughout the five boroughs.

Each dot in the map represents 500 residents born in the respective country by Census tract, according to Untapped Cities.

From the map, it is clear that the Dominican Republic makes up 13 percent of foreign-born residents, while the Chinese population comes in at 12 percent of the foreign-born population.

And of course, where all the real action is happening is in Queens, the most diverse part of NYC. Queens’ foreign-born populations include New Yorkers from Jamaica, Guyana, Ecuador, India, Bangladesh and virtually everywhere else on the planet. In 2011, 47.8 percent of Queens residents where foreign born, according to the report from the Furman Center. [Untapped Cities]Christopher Cameron