Paul Massey launches political action nonprofit

1NY Together will “foster a dialogue” about wide range of issues
February 09, 2016 09:01AM

Paul Massey is launching a political action nonprofit that will “foster a dialogue in the city” about issues related to education, infrastructure, crime and the economy.

Massey, who sold the commercial brokerage firm he built with Robert Knakal — Massey Knakal Realty Services — to Cushman & Wakefield reportedly for $100 million in 2014, said he wants to “build consensus” and named the nonprofit 1NY Together.

“This isn’t a tale of two cities; it’s one city and it can be great for everybody,” he said.

The Dickensian phrase became part and parcel of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign when he was running for the office. The Real Deal in its February issue explored the real estate industry’s relationship with the mayor.

However, Massey told Crain’s this wasn’t about de Blasio’s tenure.

“We’ve had super-strong leadership for the past 20 years,” he told Crain’s, referring to Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. “But I don’t hear people talking enough — and this has nothing to do with Bill de Blasio — about where we’re heading and what the blueprint is.”

Massey did say he thinks the mayor does not emphasis the city’s positives — including its growing economy.

“We’ve been handed four aces,” he said. “Why aren’t we taking advantage of it?”

Massey, who is a Republican, tapped one of the party’s state operatives, Bill O’Reilly, to manage 1NY Together. The “pro-growth” nonprofit’s donors will be made public, unlike the now defunct business-backed Committee to Save New York, which promoted Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s first term agenda. [Crain’s]Dusica Sue Malesevic