Barneys has left residents without gas since May

Renovations at Barneys’ Chelsea flagship cut gas to the building
February 14, 2016 12:36PM

Some might consider living above Barneys an amenity. But at the Chelsea location, troublesome renovations have disrupted the lives of many residents.

The high-end department store plans to open a second flagship on Seventh Avenue and 16th Street on Monday. But since May, work at the building has left the building’s 155 co-op units without gas, according to the New York Post. That’s something even the gift baskets Barneys offered residents at the beginning of the construction process won’t fix.

In May, workers discovered a suspicious gas pipe and alerted ConEd. Gas was cut to the building. It had only been a month since a gas explosion leveled three East Village buildings, so neighbors appreciated the precaution.

ConEd spokesman Allan Drury said workers “discovered a connection and valve that had been installed without authorization.”

However, delays dragged on and on. Now, 49 apartments in the 18-story Art Deco building are still without gas, according to a notice the co-op board sent to residents this week that was obtained by the Post. [NYP]Christopher Cameron