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Google Maps error leads to demolition of the wrong house

The alleged maps error leveled a home outside Dallas
March 27, 2016 11:00AM

From left: 7601 Calypso Drive and 7601 Cousteau Drive

From left: 7601 Calypso Drive and 7601 Cousteau Drive

Ever get off the subway in an unfamiliar neighborhood, whip out your phone and start walking, only to find that five minutes later Google Maps has sent you in the wrong direction? Well, do that with a bulldozer and the results are more devastating.

A tornado had recently hit the homes of Alan Cutter and Lindsay Diaz, who each owned half of a duplex in Rowlett, a town right outside Dallas, Texas. But rather than completely rebuild her half of the building, Diaz planned to make repairs, according to the New York Post – that is, until her home was razed by mistake.

Mere hours after applying for a builder’s permit, a demolition crew arrived at what they thought was 7601 Cousteau Drive and leveled her home – which is at 7601 Calypso Drive. The company claims that the mistake is the fault of Google Maps, which shows 7601 Calypso Drive when you search 7601 Cousteau Drive. It doesn’t though – at least not anymore. We tried it.

Diaz has now filed a report with the police documenting the incident. And the demolition company has refused to make further comments. [NYP] Christopher Cameron