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VIDEO: The Real Deal chats with finance “rock star” Michael Wekerle

"Dragons' Den" star spoke with branding expert Tony Chapman at TRD's Toronto event
By Alistair Gardiner | April 06, 2016 05:45PM

On March 30, “Dragons’ Den” star Michael Wekerle joined branding expert Tony Chapman on stage for a special Q&A at The Real Deal‘s Real Estate Showcase & Forum in Toronto.

Donning his trademark Ray-Bans, Wekerle dished on secrets for successful real estate investment and his transition from trader to head of Difference Capital Financial, a merchant bank he co-founded in 2012. “The best thing, not for myself or for the investors at first, was making mistakes early,” Wekerle told the audience at Toronto’s Sony Centre. “Mistakes early become smaller mistakes — mistakes later on become bigger mistakes.”

To see highlights from the hour-long discussion, watch the video above.

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