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Getting a leg up in NYC

Calculating the costs of the after-school activities your child needs to get a jump on the competition in Manhattan
May 01, 2016 04:00PM

A child studying Chinese

A child studying Chinese

From Luxury Listings NYC: Forget playtime. Between school, coding classes, violin classes, fencing practice and swim meets, children’s schedules today are chock-full of activities that keep them as busy — if not busier — than the average adult.

But why is that? Jenny Dewar, a New York City mom whose fourth grader takes fencing, swimming, piano, aikido and Chinese, says she prefers her daughter to have a full schedule. “It’s good for her health; these activities take her away from her electronics time,” she told LLNYC. “It’s a great way for her to de-stress from the pressures of school.” [more]