We can’t all be Fredrik Eklund: “Thousand Dollar Listing” shows less glamorous life of NYC broker

Web series pokes fun at Bravo reality show
May 13, 2016 02:15PM

Life is rough if you’re not Fredrik Eklund.

Noah Kaplan, a broker with the Corcoran Group, shows the less glitzy side of New York real estate with his web series, “Thousand Dollar Listing.” The show pokes fun at Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing,” by documenting Kaplan’s work as a broker in Bushwick and Williamsburg, the New York Post reported.

“Two years in, I would say that it’s been a struggle,” Kaplan says during a promo for the show. “Last year I made $31,000. The year before that I made I think $9,000.”

Suffice to say that the drama in this show probably won’t involve designer dog boutiques or dirty mansions.

Kaplan, who rents a pad in Park Slope with several flatmates, worked at the front desk of CORE Group six years ago when Eklund and business partner John Gomes were brokers there. According to Kaplan, he turned down Eklund’s offer for him to be his assistant.

The takeaway? Brace yourselves because television might have been wrong: Being a broker in New York isn’t all high kicks and lavish open houses. [NYP] — Kathryn Brenzel